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Let Me Tell You A Story

Let Me Tell You A Story is a storytelling audio series created and produced by Railcar Studios. Our series continues traditional storytelling with a more modern take for a more modern age. Our storyteller tells fantastical stories, while in the background, immersive soundscapes and sound effects help paint each new tale’s world inside your mind. Our stories are taken from all over the world, they tell of kings and queens, trolls and dragons, love stories, and stories with morals. Some of the tales we tell have been all but forgotten and we're happy just keeping them alive and introducing them to a new audience in a new way. We aim to entertain, inspire, and keep the form of oral storytelling alive. We want to ensure stories continue to be told in the single narrator fashion, similar to being told stories around a fire, in a tavern by a travelling wordsmith, or at bedtime by an elder. So, by listening, you're helping us do just that. 


If you have any other places you'd like to hear us send us an email.

Places to find Let Me Tell You A Story
  • You can find us on iTunes here

  • You can find us on Google Play Music here

  • You can find us on Youtube here

  • You can find us on Soundcloud here

  • This is a link to our RSS feed here

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